The Newest and Most Sophisticated Drone Executive Protection Service

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We are using the most sophisticated and new technology to protect your estate the Drone Executive Protection.

When it comes to the protection industry, the best executive protection companies are constantly adapting and developing their methods, technology, and services. This ensures that clients are kept safe from all types of dangers and threats by the most effective and efficient security detail.

A high-quality executive protection company like The World Protection Group does not view security and protection as a two-dimension thing. Instead, the security experts will consider clients’ safety and well-being from every possible angle and think creatively and innovatively about protection. This is a huge difference in the quality and standard of protection clients can expect.

One of the newest and best technologies to enter the security industry is the use of drone technology as part of property monitoring and protection. Drones have been proven to be highly effective tools when it comes to patrolling a client’s residence and ensuring trespassers are removed quickly from the property.

Benefits of Drone Protection Service

Below, find some of the top ways that drones help protection teams keep their clients safer and feeling more confident and peaceful in their own homes.

Regular and Thorough Property Monitoring

One of the most important benefits of drone technology is that it allows a security team to monitor and patrol a large residence quickly and thoroughly, especially as drones can fly at rates of 40-50 miles per hour. From the safety of a control room, the protection detail can remotely fly the drone and see the entirety of the property. There are even ways to program regular patrols of the property to ensure that every square foot is covered by the drone.

Gone are the days when the bad guys can sneak past a security patrol. Now, drones can visualize the entire property for the team in a very efficient way. In fact, drones can even allow the team to see a criminal hiding in bushes on the property with extremely high quality or infrared cameras. They are hugely thorough as well–the photograph or video can be zoomed in 100x which means something as small as a phone or driver’s license can be read.

Deter Criminals

Drones are undeniably intimidating to criminals and trespassers. The bad guys might have the ego to think that they can get around a protection agent.

However, if they see or hear a drone flying overhead, most of them will be very intimidated and scared and exit the property quickly. No one should underestimate the importance of deterring criminals from entering the property in the first place, and well planned, regular drone patrols can have this precise effect.

Even better, some drones these days are equipped with speakers. This allows the security detail in the control room to communicate via the drone and tell the criminal or trespasser that their presence is known, and that security will be there shortly to remove them or that the police have been called.

Safer Perimeters

It can be difficult to always ensure that the perimeters of a client’s property are kept safe and secure. On a programmed patrol of the perimeter and with the use of added infrared technology, a drone can spot any breaches on the perimeter or even potential weaknesses in perimeter security. Then, the protection team can respond accordingly, bolstering security and ensuring the perimeter is always safe and does not have trespassers.

Event Safety

Additionally, if there is an event where celebrities or high-profile individuals are attending, drones can be used to initially assess the safety of the venue and then also be present before and during the event to ensure the venue always remains safe and that all potential threats are quickly spotted and dealt with.

Creative Security Service Using Drone Technology

No client wants a protection company that only relies on a few methods or strategies to keep them and their property safe. It is essential to be creative with security and protection to ensure that all bases have been covered.

Offering clients additional services, like drone technology, is what creates a truly high quality and comprehensive security service. Clients need not be put off by the cost of drone security either. Drones can be an affordable part of their security detail and only require the use of a qualified or certified pilot who understands how to fly and program the drone.

There is even the potential for autonomous drone patrols of the residence. This may be a good option for a client who often travels for work or pleasure and brings their security detail with them on these trips. An autonomous drone can patrol while the client is away and send videos or photographs of the property, providing peace of mind or alerting the protection team and client to any security breach.

Comprehensive security is essential for high profile clients, such as billionaires and celebrities, who are often the target of criminals and burglars. A protection company needs to offer thorough services that will provide the client with true confidence in their security so that they can live their lives with less fear and worry. WPG rapidly expands and offers drone technology that can be a part of the client’s security detail.